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Welcome to Vulcan Software LLC.   Founded in the Summer of 2004, Vulcan Software is the latest company in my 48-year career as a software developer.

Carrying on the traditions of Kramer Brotherton LLC, a company that Joe Brotherton and I formed in 1984, Vulcan Software is committed to the development of world class software and computer consulting.

Phil has a long history of managing and developing software across various hardware and operating system platforms, with proficiency in many programming languages including C#, Delphi, F#, R, C, Python, Perl, Pascal, and several others. He has extensive database experience, particularly with Microsoft SQL Server, and has developed web services and web applications for business and mission-critical purposes.

Our software developments include Apex, OPS, and working with big data solutions.  In addition we perform a variety of network and computer consulting services, write custom software solutions, and build web sites for customers with complex data requirements.
  • Apex -- Purchasing for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors.
  • OPS -- Pharmacy management for institutional pharmacies.
  • Mobile application development, including multiple apps in the marketplace.
  • Custom web site development, especially involving complex data requirements.